The knowledge acquired over these years, together with our commitment to offer products of the highest quality, has made us a reference in the construction sector.

Our development team is responsible for providing, on an ongoing basis, the most efficient solutions and the most innovative developments, always with a deep respect for the environment and the requirements set out in the Technical Building Code.

The diversity of forms, textures and pigmentations offered by the prefabricated concrete block, invites to elaborate unique designs. And it brings many benefits, among which include:

  • Ease of execution
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • High durability, the concrete block is inert to the passage of time.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation (greater than 48dB).
  • Respect for the environment.

Whatever your need, any project, a home, an apartment, offices, a commercial or industrial complex, you should consider the use of prefabricated concrete.

We invite you to enter the construction of the 21st century with BLOQUES BARRUCA and the prefabricated concrete block, now also known as modular concrete masonry. For our part, we will be happy to resolve any issue and provide all the technical support necessary in the development of your project.


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